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Do you know what would make your venue bring in crowds of people, keep them around for 2 hours, and keep them coming back every week? A quality pub trivia!

But, maybe you’re asking yourself, who has time for that? We do! Every week, we provide four rounds of questions, two bonus rounds, special final questions, tie-breakers, and enough extras that you can mix-and-match to suit your crowd! But wait – there’s more! We can also supply you with pens, rule and answer sheets, and even answer pads! If you like using tech, we can even provide a spreadsheet that’ll handle all the math. All you need to do is ask the questions.

Who are we? Well, we’re the Trivia Jockeys of Quality Trivia and have been doing this for years and built sizeable, returning crowds at the bars in and around around Eugene, Oregon. We have decided to create a subscription service so that you can do the same without a ton of overhead and a low up-front commitment!

If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, we may even be able to find you a seasoned trivia host, and provide the PA system if you don’t have one. If you’re not, we’ll still train and work with the charismatic charmer you know would be perfect for the job.

Why wait? Start building a devoted fanbase of customers who will soon be on their way to being your regulars with Koala-Tee Trivia.

What your subscription would get you:

  • A weekly PDF containing:
    • 4 rounds of trivia questions with 2 final questions (4 extra questions to mix-and match)
    • A set of 5 halftime clues.
    • 2 bonus round hand-outs
  • PDF of the Rule and Answer sheets for your patrons
  • Spreadsheet to print or use on a computer for the host to manage the scoring.
  • A Training session where our Trivia Jockey will walk you or your host through the hosting process for the best experience

Optional services can include:

  • Materials!
    • Pens
    • Answer Pads
    • Laminated Rule Sheets for re-use
    • Answer Sheets for your patrons
    • Having the weekly trivia and bonus sheets printed at a local print shop for you to simply pick up!
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