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Just like the name suggests, Quality Trivia brings you the best and most entertaining team trivia this side of the solar system.

Play Trivia

Of course we host trivia! It’s a team-based, pub-style quiz with a wagering component. We do it both in the finest establishments around, AND online with Zoom, so you can play with friends around the world, and now in-person! Open to the public and free to play, check out the schedule to see when to join in:

Have us Host a Private Event or Fundraiser

Are you running a fundraiser? A company social event? A Bar Mitzvah? We will accommodate and create a custom event that works for your guests at a reasonable price.

Reach out, so we can start planning the fun!

Trivia for Your Bar

Do you know what would make your venue bring in crowds of people, keep them around for 2 and a half hours, and keep them coming back every week? A great pub trivia!

We can make help you make this happen.

To stay up-to-date on the shows and the clues, Sign up Here!

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Did you enjoy Quality Trivia so much that you want to show that appreciation by buying your intrepid host a virtual beer or two? We’ve tried to make it easy, so choose your preferred method of payment. If money is tight, just invite some friends – word of mouth helps a lot, too!