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General Rules:

• No shouting/typing out answers… right or wrong!
• No outside sources books, phones, computers, etc. We play by the honor system!
• Decisions of the Trivia Jockey are final.
• Once you submit an answer, you may not change it. You’ll have approximately one song to submit up your answer(s).
• Up to 6 people per team…if you have more than 6 people, you forfeit 1st place to the highest scoring team with 6 players or fewer.


For the 1st half, in general trivia (1st and 2nd Quarters), you must assign a point value of 1, 3, 5, or 7 to each question. Each value used only once. Submit the answers for the entire round all together.

For the 2nd half, the point values go up to 2, 4, 6, and 8. So adjust accordingly.

Each bonus round will consist of 10 questions, worth 2 points apiece.

Half Time Question

There are 5 clues that will be given. If you guess who or what the answer is on the first clue, you will receive 10 points, the second clue, 8 points, third clue, 6 points, and so on. If you guess incorrectly, it will be MINUS 5 points.

Final Questions

There are 2 Final Questions. You must wager between 2-10 points for each question, even numbers only. If you get the question correct, you earn the points wagered. If you get it wrong, half of what you wager is deducted from your score. You must submit an answer.


Remember, this is all in good fun, so please don’t cheat, and just be a good human.